TS subscriptions

“TS Passes” (also referred to as “Vouchers”) allow you to purchase packages of daily TS-type permits at a cheaper price than buying a single permit.
Specifically, there are two types of subscriptions:

– by 50 permits;
– by 200 permits.

To make the request go to the “Tourist Bus” ara, then to the “TS Subscriptions” section and select “Subscription Request.
It is then sufficient to select the desired subscription type, indicate whether you require an invoice, and quinci click on “save.”
The applicant will receive an email with bank details where to make the transfer, which is currently the only form of payment provided for this type of subscription.
After payment, it will be possible to activate individual license plate slots (vouchers) by presenting yourself at the Pietrasantina Check Point and indicating the code of the slot you intend to use.
The user in their area has a report available that allows them to print or view the status of available or used permits at any time.