Permission without authentication

It is allowed to purchase tour bus permits, either via app or from this website, without the need to authenticate and thus without the creation of one’s own user account.
An extremely fast and versatile procedure intended for those who do not need to request an invoice for the purchase made or to benefit from any discounts or authorizations for transit in PCU or ZTL zones.
The data that are requested are as follows:

– date of arrival;
– name or call sign;
– email address, however necessary for sending the permit;
– telephone number;
– Number of days of stay;
– license plate of the vehicle;
– tariff.

The type of permit that can be purchased through this procedure is the T.S. permit, which allows transit in the City of Pisa outside the PCU and ZTL areas and parking in the Pietrasantina exchange parking lot.
Payment can be made online with any payment card.
After payment is made, the user will receive a confirmation email and a link to download the QRCode to display on the bus windshield. It is appropriate to display the QRCode to speed up verification operations even though operators will always run a check on the bus license plate anyway.